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Palate and nose already know and appreciate it, but the nectar of the gods is also a panacea for the skin. Not surprisingly, taking care of yourself with grapes is a beauty treatment already present in the routines of ancient Arabs and Romans as well as those Renaissance ladies who loved to prepare a mixture based on must to be used as a modern mask with an immediate plumping effect. 

For the world of cosmetics, the vine is comparable to a casket containing all the ingredients to create an elixir of eternal youth. Vitamins, mainly A and C, and minerals with an exfoliating and moisturizing effect are contained in the berries; the antioxidant and regenerating power instead, comes from the leaves and seeds. A glass to be raised and savored every day to effectively counteract free radicals – responsible for those annoying signs of expression and deep wrinkles – to restore brightness and elasticity to the skin, promptly served by your trusted beautician – named polyphenols, viniferin and tannin. 

To recreate a perfect spa at home trying to contrast time and immerse yourself, at the same time, in an all-encompassing wine-based experience, it is not necessary to enter into a Mephistophelian pact like Dorian Gray, but to rely on a personalized beauty ritual.

Son of an artist: Active Botanical Serum by VINTNER’s Daughter

A powerful, fast-absorbing serum created in 2014 by April Gargiulo, daughter of winemakers. The formulation process of the Active Botanical Serum is inspired by the most sophisticated winemaking techniques since each ingredient has been carefully chosen to act in synergy with the others. Grape seed oil blends with lemon zest, jasmine flowers and 19 other natural elements to create a multifunctional serum that nourishes and rebalances the epidermis, minimizes wrinkles, revives the tone and restores the skin to its natural splendor.

Forged by the Cycladic wind: Wine Elixir Wrinkle & Firmness Lift Cream by Apivita 

Silky texture inspired by the science of epigenetics to rewind time thanks to polyphenols from the vineyards from the island of Santorini. In its composition, water is replaced by an antioxidant infusion of three grape varieties from the Cyclades island (Athiri, Aidani and Assyrtiko) that reverse the aging processes. In addition, the essential oils of flowers contained within it renew the skin and lift the mood. A heavenly effect.

Sguardo D.O.C – Roll-on Occhi Olio di Vinaccioli by VOYAGE ORGANICS 

Available exclusively on the eco-luxury beauty store 23stbeauty.com, it is a single-ingredient product, a perfect fast-absorbing smoothing anti-aging treatment, based on pure organic grape seed oil, rich in vitamin C and E. During the application, the stainless steel ball works to cool the eye area and stimulate lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling.

Corpo di(-)vino – White Wine Body Cream Hydrating by IRENE FORTE Skincare 

A moisturizing cream to refresh and soften the skin based on Sicilian organic white wine and enriched with hyaluronic acid, Panthenol B5 and Beech bud to condition, while Vitamin E, grape seed, sweet almond and olive oils work to support the skin’s natural barrier, protecting it from environmental stress.

Wine not? Lipstick! – Wine Lip Tint by LABIOTTE

A gem for true wine lovers, to keep in your handbag and show off or collectible. Labiotte lip tints are long-lasting and made with wine extracts so as to combine the moment of make-up with the treatment phase, for an…uncorked kiss.

Dalla cantina dei profumi – Merlot by Vineyard Candles 

Let yourself be enveloped by the intoxicating scent of a freshly opened bottle while applying your beauty treatment or tasting a glass of wine. Just light the Vineyard Merlot candle, created using luxury natural wax poured by hand into a glass container that recalls known shapes. Merlot is enriched with the addition of Mediterranean berries, herbs and spices, ensuring 80 hours of hangover.

– Eleonora Russillo July 31st 2020

Eleonora Russillo has a penchant for skincare, her bathroom is more equipped than a perfumery. Lately, however, it has also managed to invade the room and cellar. Luckily, her work in online communication keeps her away from e-commerce for most of the day. Excellent fork, omnivorous reader, traveler without much sense of direction.

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