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Winefully comes from our passion for excellent wines and the desire to develop the best place to celebrate their complexity and charm. As a result, we select top quality wines, we support their refinement and evolution over time in our cellar, and we develop a direct relationship with producers and clients.

“Since my first lesson at sommelier course – about 10 years ago – I have been attracted from the world of wine, the emotions and the history contained in each bottle. This passion inspired me to launch a project that would celebrate fine wines, superlative products of a unique terroir and a complex process that begins in the vineyard and continues in our cellar.”

Our natural wine cellar, which dates back to the nineteenth century, has all the necessary characteristics to guarantee that wine is preserved perfectly.

The absence of vibrations, the constant temperature of 13°, 75% of humidity and Bloc Cellier wine racks (brick and clay) ensure the balanced refinement of the wine and cork’s integrity.

We are committed to creating a curated purchasing experience that is carefully tailored to each of our client’s needs, which includes preview sales, storage and private auctions.

We also organise opportunities to meet and socialise – that is, wine tastings, tours of the cellar, meetings with producers, and so much else. These events are designed to pay homage to wine as a facilitator of intense emotions and sociability.


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