Cantina Tramin

Cantina Tramin

Founded in 1898 by the parish priest of Termeno (Tramin in German) and member of the Austrian Parliament Christian Schrott, Cantina Tramin – more than a hundred years later – remains an excellence of South Tyrol, thanks above all to the production of Gewurztraminer, which company cultivates in the Sella microzone.
In a delicate balance between artisanal dimension and wide-ranging entrepreneurial vision, “the house of the Gewurztraminer” reaches dizzying annual production numbers: about 1.8 million bottles, the result of a vision of work still on a human scale.
Here, in fact, it is the winegrowers who make the difference, with a farmer / hectare ratio (300 producers for 250 hectares of vineyards) close to that of a small winery. Care by artisans, therefore, of every single plot within a coherent overall strategy.

A philosophy that has its roots in the values ​​of South Tyrolean culture – the ability to create a system, creative precision and attention to quality – and which gives life to wines that represent the best of the territory. With the selection of single grape varieties, in particular, Cantina Tramin expresses the fullness of each indigenous grape variety ripened in the sun of South Tyrol.

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  • Epokale, in name and in fact, is a nectar of the past. It recalls the wines of the Middle Ages with its significant sugar residue, which places it in the Spätlese category, the product of an ancient South Tyrolean technique.

    The result of a selection of grapes from the two oldest vineyards of Cantina Tramin, located near the famous Nussbaumer farm, the Epokale is vinified with short maceration on the skins and ages in steel for about eight months on its own yeasts before being transferred to the tunnels of the Schneeberg mine.

    Let’s picture it resting in its bottle for seven years, in the darkness of a cave that is four kilometres long, located at an altitude of 2,000 metres and 450 metres under the mountain, conditions that create a constant temperature of 11 degrees and 90% humidity.

    This process gives it its well-known, intense golden colour, while the long refinement in the bottle allows it to develop spicy aromas with notes of cinnamon and ginger that take over from the basic hint of ripe exotic fruit. The broad and explosive sweetness that envelops the palate is never cloying, but rather strikes a surprising balance between freshness and elegance.

    A unique wine across genres, with the 2009 vintage it became the first Italian white to garner 100/100 from Monica Larner, the Italian representative for Wine Advocate (Robert Parker). This is made all the more significant by the fact that it is the product of a cooperative.

    In its 2013 version it wins first place on the podium in the ranking drawn up by German magazine Weinwirtschaft: best Italian wine for tasting.

    With only 1,200 bottles a year produced, its appeal is further intensified.

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  • Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. This is the metaphor contained in Troy, which means ‘path’ in the ancient local dialect. And over the years, the Cantina Tramin has come a long way, reaching the peak of South Tyrolean oenology. Troy is a Chardonnay that stands out from the other great whites produced in the area, thanks to the verticality that only an alpine terroir can provide. It is a straw-coloured yellow tending towards golden, and has a balsamic and citrus nose, with typical mineral hints that are almost saline. In the mouth it oscillates between softness and freshness, with a spicy aftertaste. Over time, this Chardonnay will evolve towards more markedly tropical aromas, with some hints of pepper. Following fermentation and malolactic fermentation in barriques, this white is aged for 33 months on the lees. The path takes us upwards, with this Chardonnay. After tasting this, it is difficult to go back.

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