History, tradition and ambition: a mix underlying Drengot’s success and part of a clear entrepreneurial vision of its founder, Alberto Verde.
Born with the intention of making the autochtonous vine Asprinio known in the world, Drengot is an excellence of Campania region’s viticulture that starts from an ancient winemaking tradition in order to protect and enhance it. A small, very young company based in the countryside of Aversa, it takes its name from Rainulfo Drengot, a Norman noble who became the first count of Aversa in 1030.
It is the very strong bond with the territory that is an inseparable element of Drengot’s DNA: although it is not easy to reconstruct historical elements of hundreds and even thousands of years ago, what is certain is that Asprinio of Aversa is one of the oldest vines in Italy and that it was used for the first sparkling wines that took place in our country, at the time when the D ‘ Anjou were rulers.
Beyond legends, certain data and rumors, it is now established that Drengot is the forefather of a movement rediscovering the local wine tradition by offering sparkling and still white wines based on the autochthonous Asprinio cultivated by means of the unique “alberata Aversana”.
Asprinio vines, planted together with stakes such as popolar trees, envelop themselves by growing together and extending their shoots in height up to 20 meters. The practices in the vineyard therefore become unique, they are based on great experience and mastery in knowing how to use the “scalillo” (a very long and narrow ladder) in the most appropriate way to reach the top of the vine, and then transform the harvest into a unique spectacle in the world.
The soil receives, the soil gives back: after the right care given to the vines “married” to the poplars, it is then the subsoil that becomes the protagonist, providing tuff caves to host the fermentation and refinement processes of the first real sparkling wine in Southern Italy.
Limited yields, purity enhancement of an indigenous grape, practices in the vineyard and in the cellar that use traditional processes but looking to the future: what awaits Drengot and his interpretation of Asprinio spumante can only be radiant.

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  • Great unique and rare white wine, even more if in the sparkling version, Terramasca from Drengot winery is an exceptional expression of that very particular grape variety that is Asprinio, of which only two hundred hectares of vines remain scattered in the countryside of Aversa, a historic land of generous agriculture heart of Campania Felix so important since the times of the Roman Empire.

    Terramasca is a opeculiar name which refers to the volcanic origin of which the typical soil of the Aversa area is composed and on which there is a loamy-loam layer of alluvial origin that hosts the vineyards of Asprinio, in turn linked to “live” supports like the poplars with which they share a growth path that makes this cultivation that grows in height unique in the world.

    With a very limited plant density (50 plants/hectare) and low yields if compared to the height of the plants (70 quintals/hectare), the Terramasca grapes are subjected to a careful manual selection towards the end of August and then generate a wine that fully respects the ancient traditions of cultivation characterized by exceptional quality.

    Thanks to a heroic and undoubtedly difficult cultivation method, Terramasca is a sparkling wine that surprises due to the complexity achieved through Charmat method from certainly not primary grapes, which rests for eighteen months on the lees to raise its tasting experience.

    Splendid in the glass with a straw yellow color with green reflections and a minute, elegant and persistent perlage, it opens to the nose with the typical citrus and sour notes that characterize this grape. Exotic hints follow the intro, followed by notes of apple and white flowers that add freshness to the tasting. In the mouth the sip is decisive, sparkling, refreshing and absolutely pleasant, with a persistent finish where the bread crust and vanilla return.

    Just over ten thousand bottles produced in the 2017 vintage, very few Magnums, offered exclusively online by Winefully to honor a unique tradition in the world that finds the noble rank it deserves in sparkling winemaking.

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