Gianfranco Fino

Gianfranco Fino

A marital adventure that began in 2002, a farm started in 2004 with the purchase of 1.3 hectares of pre-existing vineyard, award as winemaker of the year in 2010 and a (positive) upheaval of Apulian enology that still lasts today.
There is a lot of wine in the Heel of Italy and also of quality, but few or perhaps no one has decided to undertake a project based on the production of great wines (red primarily) from old vines up to 90 years of age planted according to the traditional Apulian sapling. Gianfranco Fino’s gamble, always supported by his life partner (and life partner) Simona Natale, was risky, but it brought to the fore a first-rate oenological reality in the panorama of Italian enology, which today counts on many admirers even beyond the border.
It all starts in Sava, 15 thousand inhabitants between Taranto and Manduria, a land of wine and oil, where the climate can be benign thanks to its proximity to the sea but also infernal in the most extreme summers.
Red lands, sun, sea breeze, outcropping rocks used to compose dry stone walls: it is the truest Puglia, whose essence is translated into bottles of great personality and strongly attached to its territory.
Over the years the hectares have multiplied, from 1.3 to 23, the strong territorial identity that we wanted to give to the wines is enhanced by international criticism and pushed to the maximum by Gianfranco, also by means of strong and breaking choices, like the exit from the DOC in favor of the less noble Salento IGT.
The attention to the grapes is obsessive, the practices in the vineyard are not invasive at all, in the absence of fertilization and irrigation, and the harvest is delayed, with drying on the vine for the “ES more sun”. We work on low yields, about 20 quintals per hectare (against 90 of the DOC), several passages in wood are foreseen in the absence of clarification and filtration and a long rest in the bottle.
It is an unconventional viticulture, so much so that it is said that the symbolic wine of Gianfranco Fino, Es, is either loved or hated.
We love it, and even a lot, referring only to the pleasure principle, as Freud teaches.

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  • Although Gianfranco Fino is automatically (and rightly) associated with Primitivo di Manduria, an autochthonous grape that tames in a sublime way, the rising star of southern viticulture has long invested in the cultivation of another grape symbol of Puglia and, specifically, in the area that after Manduria becomes Salento: the Negroamaro.

    Grapes with a fascinating history, perhaps of Greek origin (name composed of the Greek “mavro” combined with the Latin “nigro”) linked to the impenetrability of its color (black black) or perhaps fully autochthonous and indeed widespread even outside the Apulian territory in past centuries but today associated with Puglia and its great enological tradition.

    Jo is a tribute to the Ionian Sea, a few kilometers from the San Pietro in Bevagna area, where Apulian saplings of about forty years of age are planted on red lands, but also one of the many names given to this vine in Salento, cultivated faithfully following Es’s happy experience with the utmost respect for the raw material and the surrounding environment, with practices in the vineyard that are not invasive at all and no support for grape ripening.

    Negroamaro also undergoes a slight drying on the vine before the harvest, expected around mid-September, and follows the rigid cellar practices that have already made other Gianfranco Fino wines great.

    Jo is an intense, direct, concentrated and obviously dark wine: strong notes of crisp red fruit mix with sweet spices and Mediterranean scrub, while in the mouth freshness and softness triumph, warmth and an excellent balance of tannins, particularly elegant. The persistence is not lacking and the finish is difficult to forget.

    Jo is a great interpretation of Puglia and its best traditions, produced in very few Magnums, ambassadors of a vintage that went far beyond qualitative expectations such as 2017.

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  • A wine that already from the label transmits sensations related to the earth, to the material, to the heat: Es Red is the flagship wine of Gianfranco Fino which in it has managed to condense the most real soul of Apulian viticulture and, specifically, of its most representative vine, the Primitivo di Manduria.

    Gianfranco has always had clear ideas, he wants to create great wines by extracting the maximum from the terroir and the local winemaking tradition: for this reason he undertakes to work exclusively the Apulian sapling, of which he is standard bearer and protector also at the associative level, considering only old plants up to ninety years of age.

    Low yields and particularly careful practices in the vineyard are the basis of Gianfranco’s work, who voluntarily renounces any support guaranteed by fertilization and irrigation, although the climate often plays against him, with summers that are often torrid.

    An independent winemaker Gianfranco, often against the tide as when he decided to leave the DOC to protest against a too generous and unpretentious specification: he instead wants the best from his grapes: he applies cellar practices typical of great producers and is convinced, under the blessing di Veronelli, to be able to change Apulian viticulture by elevating it to international stages.

    Vintage, the 2015 characterized by climatic instability in the hot months, with swings between torrid heat and heavy rainfall that put a strain on the area of ​​Taranto, but which did not affect the final quality of the grapes, which were harvested in a state optimal.

    Es Red 2015 gives us the synthesis of Gianfranco Fino’s stubbornness and undoubted skill: an intense, full-bodied, decidedly complex and ample wine, consistent and material as expected from a sunny South, but without excess. It ranges from ripe red fruit and jam to sweet spices, tobacco, leather, balsamic and even ethereal notes. As a great artist is the harmonic management of alcohol content and tannins, fine and soft, before a very persistent and mineral finish.

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