Hofstätter or Alto Adige in its highest and most elegant expression. A historic winery in the region, founded in Tramin in 1907 by Joseph Hofstätter and today led by the fourth generation of the family, in the talented figure of Martin Foradori.

A common thread binds all the generations of the Hofstätter: combining respect for the vineyard and tradition with the ability to constantly innovate, in the pursuit of quality.
There are fifty hectares of vineyards on the estate, on which all the native varieties of South Tyrol are grown: Gewürztraminer, Pinot bianco, Schiava, Pinot nero and Lagrein.
With a view to enhancing each individual vineyard and its harvest, the Hofstätters were the first to introduce the term “vineyard” in South Tyrol, vinifying the grapes of the finest plots separately and thus enhancing their peculiarities.

Recent evidence of the ability of this family to innovate is the choice of Martin Foradori to create a hyper-modern cellar, characterized by the futuristic “wine tower” and equipped with low energy impact concrete barrels.

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  • This splendid Pinot Noir is the product of vineyards that are seventy years old and located in the heart of Mazon, one of the most suitable South Tyrolean areas for the cultivation of this noble grape. A great vintage, it expresses itself fully in the glass through its refined aromas of berries, black pepper, juniper berries and balsamic echoes. The colour tends towards garnet, with a good gloss. Enveloping on the palate, it has silky tannins and vibrant freshness. It is aged in small French oak barrels for 18 months, followed by a passage in large barrels for 6 months, plus 12 months in the bottle. The Roccolo vineyard takes its name from an ancient building used to capture birds, built by Ludwig Barth von Barthenau, the then-owner of the vineyard. This is a ready-made Pinot Noir, but one could forget it in the cellar, only to come back to it and appreciate its almost infinite evolution. Perfect for Pinot Noir addicts!

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  • The product of a type of viticulture that is nothing short of heroic, this incredible Gewürztraminer is the result of a late harvest, from slopes so steep they challenge human tenacity. This hard work pays off thanks to the unique conditions of the Rechtenthal Schlossleiten vineyard; temperatures here are almost reversed, thanks to the night air that passes through a large gorge in Mount Roen. This gives the grapes a strong acidity, creating the right conditions for a sweet wine, but with marked freshness, characterised by menthol and yellow citrus scents, wildflowers and faint memories of mountain herbs. The palate is rich, tense and elegant, while the aromatic whispers are even more accentuated by ageing on the lees for at least eight months, with periodic bâtonnage. This is truly heroic viticulture and the results speak for themselves.

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  • This Gewürztraminer is a vibrant embrace, of the kind that only a grandson can give his beloved grandfather. This tribute to Konrad Oberhofer, grandfather of Martin Foradori Hofstätter, was one of the first wines in the 1930s to vinify grapes from individual vineyards separately. It was a forerunner of the ‘Vigna’ denomination, which today characterises the excellent quality wines of South Tyrol. This wine is dedicated to Konrad, and has remained on its lees for ten years in 500-litre barrels, with periodic bâtonnage. The result is a Gewürztraminer that is, to put it mildly, extraordinary, of a bright golden yellow colour, and a decidedly broad olfactory picture. The mouth aromas are wonderful, chasing those of the nose. They begin with pineapple and melon, and end in a soft drizzle of spices and mineral scents. Long, layered, immense. The embrace thus reaches us, too, through our palate.

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