Christmas bubbles: the advice of Roberto Anesi

It is well known that Christmas and New Year rhymes with bubbles, which in this period are consumed more abundantly than in the rest of the year. It is even said that statistically 80% of the “barrels” happen at this particular moment. It is also known that Roberto Anesi is a great sommelier with a particular predilection for bubbles. For this reason, we asked him for some advice for this Christmas which will certainly be a bit anomalous but for this very reason it needs to be celebrated properly, despite everything.

I thought of offering you a selection of three unmissable bottles, something precious to put in the cellar as a special gift or to buy for yourself and to open just for a great occasion. While I have selected two bottles that, on the other hand, can be enjoyed right away and which certainly represent a nice surprise if uncorked during the holidays.

Dom Pérignon, Plenitude 2 2002.

Inspiration is the key word, the fundamental concept on which the production of this company in the Champagne area is based. Dom Pérignon has always been a rare product, vinified only in great vintages, about forty-two times from 1921 to today, the year of the first edition of the bottle “with the shield”. The cuvée is obtained from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This P2, where Plenitude stands for fullness, differs from the traditional bottle due to the stay on the lees for a much longer period, up to even sixteen years. A period of time that allows you to enter what the Maison defines as the second window of expression, the phase that is renamed as that of “energy”, which develops new aromatic complexities. Just think that out of a hundred bottles of Dom Pérignon produced only five become P2.

An icon because: for the great complexity given by the long stay on the lees that blends with a masterful freshness.

Uberti, Dequinque. Let’s go back to Italy with what is a truly unique product, coming from another important territory for the production of our home sparkling wine, Franciacorta. The Uberti company boasts a long tradition and a history of over forty years, which underlines the rigor and passion that has always accompanied the owner family of the same name.

The peculiarity of this Classic Method is that it is not produced from a single vintage, or from a single harvest, if you prefer, but from several different vintages. Perhaps it is a concept we are not so used to but that we can reconnect to the history of sparkling wine making, which in the past was mainly oriented towards the art of blending, not only between different grape varieties but also between different vintages. Here the Chardonnay of ten harvests (2002 – 2011) is dressed in the richness of aging in wood and allies itself with the long stay on the lees to develop a special synergy, which is expressed with multifaceted and very unique complexities.

An icon because: it is a slightly out of the box project that aims to enhance the aromatic complexity of Chardonnay in the round.


These three large bottles can already express themselves at very high levels but will be able to give emotions if kept for some time. But what if, as we said before, you want to choose a bottle to uncork during this holiday period, find it in its full form and fully enjoy it with friends?

Ferrari, Riserva Lunelli 2009.

I include, as I started, with my homeland (Trentino), to tell a Ferrari product that stands out from the rest of the range in production for an important feature, which is the use of wood in the base. Chardonnay, in fact, is aged in Austrian oak barrels and subsequently stored on the lees for many years, seven to be precise.

The perfect toast because: the softness that combines with the freshness of the mountain bubbles will give a truly elegant experience on the palate and particularly eclectic compared to the combinations (typical and otherwise) of the holidays.

– Editorial 02.12.2020

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