Ca' del Bosco

Even in the case of the birth of Ca ‘del Bosco, the famous saying “women have an edge” can be used. In fact, Anna Maria Clementi in Zanella in 1964, years of great ferment in Franciacorta, decided to buy a small house in the hills with two hectares of land near Erbusco immersed in a chestnut forest. Figures like Antonio Gandossi were instrumental in the history of the Franciacorta company. In 1968 he began to plant the first vineyards with a density of one hundred plants per hectare; he will manage the plantations until 2011. It will take 12 years from the purchase to experience the thrill of the first harvest and for the decision to produce in order the pinot di Franciacorta brut, zero dosage and the rose ‘. They will be released on the market in 1978. In 1979 André Dubois joined the winery with his wisdom, alongside the young Maurizio Zanella, the first Franciacorta Pinot Millesimato was born. Today Maurizio is the president and owner of Ca ‘del Bosco.
Since 1990 the company has had an important exploit with the production of various labels including the top of the range Cuvee Annamaria Clementi, in honor and memory of the founding mother.
The extraordinary growth of the company is due not only to a far-sighted Maurizio Zanella, but also to the great research in technological innovation alongside traditional methods to obtain products of superior quality. Every detail is decisive and different details create a result.
Another decisive year for this company is 2007 in which the cuvee prestige was born, a product of thirty years of experience, continuous evolution and great ambition. Today it is recognizable to everyone thanks to the orange paper that protects it from direct light.
Ca ‘del Bosco is not only classic method sparkling wine, but also still red and white wines and again in 2007 the “terre di Franciacorta bianco and” terre di Franciacorta rosso “become” curtefranca bianco and curtefranca rosso “reaching high quality peaks also in still types.
In the 10s of the third millennium Annamaria Clementi rose is the new product that joins the white version (55% cherdonnay, 25% pinot bianco and 20% pinot noir) and enters the Olympus of Ca ‘del bosco wines.
Innovation, naturalness and quality that aspire to the creation of a noble wine that enhances the vine and terroir passes from the creation in 2012 of the vintage line called “vintage collection”.
“It is nature that decides. It is she who shows the way to transform wine into art. But it is man, with his knowledge, who supports the preceding. The Ca ‘del Bosco method is unmatched. A personal, utopian and perhaps crazy idea of ​​the Franciacorta method. ” Cit.