Destilerías Unidas

Destilerías Unidas was founded in 1959 in the Lara Region, in the extraordinary Terepaima National Park, at the foot of the Venezuelan Andes. At the end of the 90s a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs led by José Rafael Ballesteros bought the sugar cane production land with the distillery. This region, where Rum Diplomatico is produced, is one of the most prestigious areas for the cultivation of sugar cane.
Here, the ‘big family’ produces a wide range of distillates thanks to the long experience of master distillers and master blenders, formed over the centuries.
Integrity, excellence, commitment and consistency with tradition are the values that characterize this company, which take care to the sustainability. Distillates are distributed in over fifty different countries around the world, the result of centuries of experience that have allowed some of them, Rum Diplomático above all, to enter the list of the best known and marketed distillates in the world.