Elio Grasso

Elio Grasso was and remains a central figure of what was, over forty years ago, the Renaissance of the Langhe area, thanks to the passion and rigour with which he chose to return to the land, working to emphasise the beauty of the territory and the great quality of the vines in the area.
His farm is in Monforte d’Alba, located between the Albese Langa and the Doglianese and Alta Langa, which have always been linked to the production of Barolo. There are a total of 42 hectares, of which about 24 encompass woods and meadows – lovingly cared for by the Grasso family, because here attention to biodiversity and a balanced ecosystem are not only a declaration of intent but a daily commitment – and the remaining 18 are planted with vineyards.
As documented by the presence of these vineyards in the map of the best vineyards created by the great Lorenzo Fantini at the beginning of the last century, we are in an area with a historically high sense of vocation, where Elio Grasso operates in compliance with the best local traditions and farming methods, in their most noble sense.
Starting in the late seventies, Grasso proceeded, gradually and with great sensitivity, to undertake a series of replantings of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. In 1986 he planted Chardonnay, the only non-native variety, modelling it on the territory. He also immediately chose to vinify and bottle his own grapes separately and opted for an exclusively artisan management of the cellar, while constantly modernising it over time. In terms of the two opposing “Barolist” philosophies – that of mixing grapes from different vines vs that of vinifying by individual vineyard – Elio Grasso certainly belongs to the second: for him, Barolo is a cru, and as such it must express the best of the terroir of the individual plot, with the characteristic variations of the specific vintage.
Thus are born impeccable and elegant wines with a clean and classic style that are a perfect distillate of the territory and its culture.
Still a point of reference for all the Langhe area, Elio Grasso manages the farm together with his wife Marina and their children.