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Josko Gravner is one of the noble fathers of recent Italian viticulture. Philosopher winemaker, profound connoisseur of nature and its rhythms, Gravner – whose name is inseparable from that of Collio – is the one who changed the culture of wine in Friuli, contributing in a decisive way to the affirmation of the products of the region outside of the Italian borders.

Josko began working in the vineyard and in the cellar at sixteen, until the nineties he vinified in steel and then in barrique but at the beginning of the 2000s he chose to try his hand at a new technique, linked to the ancient Georgian tradition of wine: the fermentation of the grapes in Caucasian terracotta amphorae.
It is a real revolution of thought and practice, because from this moment Gravner begins a “process of subtraction” in his way of conceiving wine: he progressively eliminates all non-native vines to cultivate – in Oslavia and Hum (in Slovenia) – only the two historical varieties of Ribolla and Pignolo Rosso; he emancipates himself from the use of all chemical products in the vineyard, works exclusively by hand – in a relationship of respect and harmony with the land that has few equals – and chooses long macerations, marketing the wines only seven years after the harvest.

A pioneering and countertrend vision, then as today, which made Josko Gravner a true master, recognized all over the world, in organic and biodynamic production.