Seven generations in Valpollicella Classica, this is how the home page of the Speri website proudly states, summarizing the two strengths of this historic Venetian winery: a solid family vocation and the strong bond with the territory.
The company was founded in San Pietro in Cairano (Verona) in the first half of the 19th century and today owns about 60 hectares of vineyards in the most suitable areas of Valpolicella and has always worked only owned grapes, coming from autochthonous vines exclusively of the area (mainly Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara).
Since the 1970s, Speri have invested in the enhancement of each plot, vinifying the grapes from individual vineyards separately and effectively creating their own crus: Amarone Classico Vigneto Monte Sant’Urbano, Valpolicella Classico Superiore Sant’Urbano and Recioto Classico La Roggia . A choice of quality that has made the cellar a true Valpollicella excellence.
Always a spokesperson for sustainable agriculture to protect the earth and its biodiversity, the Speri Winery obtained the organic certification in 2015 for all its production.