Tarlant is not just the name (indeed, the surname) of a family that has made and continues to make the history of Champagne but a real philosophy of life and making wine.
With origins dating back to the seventeenth century and now in the twelfth generation of vignerons, Mélanie and Benoît Tarlant continue to believe and pass on the traditions that their family has preserved from the attack of time, always leaving the vineyard at the center of their project and posing themselves respectfully a step back to nature, free to take its own course with their non-invasive and non-interventionist philosophy.
In Tarlant the nature speaks loud, the voice of the vineyard and the single vineyard is listened to and supported, with the clear intention of creating works that, after appropriate and often long refinements in wood, can excite a taster who finds in the zero dosage of Tarlant the rule of life, the most surprising and satisfying there can be in the Champagne region.
Oeuilly, in the Vallee de la Marne, is the beating heart of Tarlant, which today manages 14 hectares of vines both red (9.6) and white (4.4), where the traditional grapes of the region share the same land with ancient grapes, forgotten and elevated by this winery to create blended wines with extraordinary results.
The aging of base wines is mainly in barrique and for long periods, with the prior vinification carried out again in wood with spontaneous fermentation on the basis of single plots and grapes, in absence of malolactic fermentation.
Rules and traditions are important, but they also allow to take advantage of the long experience gained to experiment and try to use materials such as steel, cement and terracotta, today useful to differentiate an offer made up of limited productions of champagne from unmistakable personality.
It may be a un-objective point of view but tasting Tarlant means entering a new dimension of champagne, leaving behind a whole series of certainties and expectations to question a centuries-old tradition interpreted in a unique and certainly indelible way.