Tenuta San Leonardo

In Vallagarina, between woods and mountains, Tenuta San Leonardo owns about 300 hectares of land, of which 30 are vineyards. As often happens, the birth of some of the most important wineries dates back to the close link with the archiepiscopal Curia. Subsequently the estate was entrusted to the Crociferi Friars, who inaugurate viticulture throughout the area. Since the 1600s, the noble De Gresti family has supported the friars in managing the estate and, after having purchased it from the Church, bequeath it to the Gonzaga Warriors. Today, Tenuta San Leonardo is run with passion and enthusiasm by the Marquis Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga together with his son Anselmo, his right arm Luigino Tinelli and the oenologist Carlo Ferrini.
The calcareous and clayey soils give structure, freshness and skeleton to the wines, helped by a balanced microclimate, the result of the protection of Mount Baldo and the Lessini Mountains and the coolness of the Ora blowing from Lake Garda, especially in the warm months. Being an area surrounded by 270 hectares of forest creates an environment rich in fauna and flora that further enriches the vitality of the vineyards.
In recent years, all the lands of the estate have been converted to organic farming, to preserve the precious ecosystem and to allow nature to express itself at its best.
The Marquis Guerrieri Gonzaga had the merit from the 70s onwards for having pushed the area to believe in its terroir, in its vineyards and in doing so he brought his company and the whole area to a production now recognized nationally and internationally. . San Leonardo is one of the most celebrated Italian reds, one of the pioneers of the Bordeaux style in Italy. The area is dedicated to the production of Cabernet, Carménère, Merlot, Petit Verdot which are the masters and tell the expression of the mountain territory in a clear, fine and elegant way. , Sauvignon and Riesling are the white blends that with fresh and mineral notes give pleasure to drink. The most recent labels have shown a charismatic character and, year after year, they score excellent performances, remaining faithful to an international style marked by impeccable balance.