Villa Antinori

The viticultural history of the Antinori family dates back to 1385 and bears the name of Giovanni di Piero Antinori; today, after 26 generations, it is still a Piero Antinori who holds the role of honorary president of a company that now sees the involvement of his daughter Albiera as well, with the support of her sisters Allegra and Alessia. CEO since 2005 is the historic winemaker of the company who needs no introduction: Renzo Cotarella. There are countless successes and innovations promoted by the Antinori family during these 600 years, in full respect of the traditions and the territory. Few cases to name: Tignanello, the first Sangiovese to be aged in barrique and blended with international vines becoming the first “Supertuscan” (1971); Cervaro della Sala, one of the first whites to complete malolactic fermentation and age in barrique (1985). Both these wines still represent a benchmark in their respective categories. It is also worth mentioning the well-known contribution of the Antinori family to those wines which no longer belong to the Antinori group which are a symbol of Italian enology in the world In fact, a central role in supporting Mario Incisa della Rocchetta to convert what was the family wine into the super noble Sassicaia was played by Piero Antinori; not to mention the Ornellaia and Masseto, projects promoted by Piero’s brother, Lodovico, and whose respective estates passed into the hands of the Mondavi family and later into those of Frescobaldi.
It was 1928 when Niccolò Antinori, Piero’s father, decided to add the word ‘Villa’ to Antinori to his wines, to further affirm his Tuscan identity.
A place that has always been a symbol of the family, the historic Villa del Cigliano estate is located among the rolling hills of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence. It is from here that the Antinori family began to take its first steps in the world of wine and where many members of the family were born. For this reason we find it represented on the label of their wines.
Villa Antinori currently represents the concept of home, territory, of Tuscany