Vintage Collection Saten 2018



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In the early 1980s there was much discussion about creating a Franciacorta made with slow bottle fermentation, produced from only white grapes and with relatively lower pressure, at 4.5 atmospheres. In 1990, this Franciacorta was given the name “Saten,” in order to succinctly evoke the simplicity and sensitive, pure memory of the word “silk” (as in softness and texture of fabric). The bubble, in fact, is very fine and silky, as well as beautifully persistent. To these characteristics Ca’ del Bosco’s Satèn adds great finesse and elegance; a structured wine with a complex and intriguing array of aromas.

The wine offers on the nose a set of aromas related to custard, apple pie, light citrine undertones, delicate floral notes and a vanilla spice on the finish. The sip is creamy and enveloping, the fine bubble pleasantly teases the palate, and buttery notes and an exotic fruit like pineapple lend a velvety smoothness. This is all balanced very well by a very pleasant freshness, reminding us that we are still drinking a Franciacorta.

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