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Made by the legendary “Maestros Roneros” of the distillery with the aim of creating a rum that reflects the authenticity, excellence and family traditions that have always characterized the brand.
It starts with sugar cane of own production, most of which is grown within a radius of 100 km around the distillery, “Caña Diplomática” variety that has adapted to environmental conditions, for the best results.
Diplomático Selección de Familia is a blend of rums aged up to 12 years and 90% distilled in a Pot Still copper alembic, responsible for guaranteeing the right body to the rum, combined with a portion in a Batch Kettle alembic (5%), which it gives it rich and spicy flavors and a Barbet column part (5%), unique in its kind. It is finally aged in American oak barrels, in which Bourbon, Whiskey and Sherry have previously rested.
After the aging process, the Maestros Roneros team combines the different rums through the art of mixing thanks to an exhaustive tasting process, they select the most suitable rums to compose an exclusive blend.
It has a dark amber color, it is a rum with spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves, licorice and anise, drier but also complex and structured compared to other Diplomático references and characterized on the palate by hints of wood and plum, which combine with caramel notes for a lingering finish. In the mouth it is powerful, warm almost creamy, dry and with great flavor and notes of red fruits.
Perfect served smooth or with ice, but also to create creative cocktails, as well as the ideal companion for a good cigar during meditative moments.

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