Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata Vigna Rocchette Riserva 2013



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Barolo DOCG

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Talking about Lorenzo Accomasso is like approaching with great awe the elite of Italian viticulture, that of strong traditions, of the morbid attachment (positively) to one’s land and vineyard, that of “it’s okay and you don’t change” and ” first in wine, then the market ”, an indigenous blood difficult to find around except in the microcosm of La Morra.

How many times has the Knight rejected people, curious and interested, who at skin did not seem to respect his world, his life, his land made up of three precious hectares on which Nebbiolo expresses itself on perfect levels.

Real wines those of Accomasso, which reflect the tradition of La Morra but also speak a language that is always current, never antiquated or heavy.

On the other hand, the Cavaliere has always seen us long and used to unusual practices in the vineyard, such as short pruning at the expense of quantity production, while in the cellar the family dictates and the path traced by his father Giovanni have always been followed (long macerations and refinements in large barrels).

A special vineyard that of this Barolo: the Rocchette vineyard is a cru in the cru, part of the Rocche dell’Annunziata, which insists on medium clay soils with prevalent southern exposure, which borders on other estates that make Barolo great in these parts.

It is an elegant, refined, generous wine, still young considering its great evolutionary potential and the need to stabilize a vigorous but still pleasant tannin. The breadth both in the nose and in the taste intoxicates the taster, the long and balsamic finish fills him and makes him happy.

It is not known how many bottles were produced this year, although we know that the numbers were more contained than in previous vintages: as the rule for all the wines of this extraordinary producer, it is always difficult to find them, hence a opportunities for tasters, enthusiasts and collectors not to be missed.

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