Special Ferrari bubbles

The Trento Doc perlage signed by the Lunelli family meets fish-based recipes that are perfect for the summer (and for the whole year).

A dinner on the terrace, an aperitif on the beach or by the pool, a lunch with the sea in the background. And again, good company and a menu based on fish, crustaceans and molluscs: this is what you need to create an ideal situation in these summer months, both in the city and on vacation. To complete it all, there is no shortage of very fresh “bubbles”, which accompany the courses and the conversation.

Diversified but united by great attention to quality (and the environment) and a stylistic figure focused on elegance, the Trentino production of  Cantine Ferrari – the more than 100-year-old company created by Giulio Ferrari and acquired in 1952 by Bruno Lunelli, today led by nephews Marcello, Matteo, Camilla and Alessandro – offers a labels range that allow you to uncork and toast throughout the meal, made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from the Trentino vineyards, according to the Trento DOC specification that follows the classic method.

The Riserva Lunelli – Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut round and with a complex bouquet, among the latest born in Ferrari – is an excellent start to melt the ice and accompany some initial tasting, perhaps in a finger food version: from the classic and always delicious bread with butter and anchovies with the original “crostini” of crunchy carasau bread topped with a salad of mullet, celery and potatoes (or even with the savory bottarga, always blunted by potatoes).

The iodized but slightly sweet flavor of the mussels – steamed and flavored slightly with extra virgin olive oil, a little white wine and parsley, with at most a few lemon drops – is enhanced by the enveloping but very balanced and harmonious profile of the Gran Cuvée millesimata, as well as from its fine and persistent perlage, with floral and fruity scents balanced by spices and dried fruit. Available only in large sizes, it is a bottle to be opened with a (rightly) large company and also ideal for accompanying first courses with delicate crustacean-based sauces.

Characterized by a vibrant nose of citrus and spicy notes and a sip that is both soft, fresh and mineral, Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Rosé  , made with 70% Pinot Noir alongside the Chardonnay, is ideal to accompany both a crispy fried fish and a sumptuous “cuoccio” (capon fish or gallinella di mare) cooked in crazy water according to the ancient tradition of Campania fishermen. Cooked in an oven pan with oil, chopped garlic and tomatoes, covered with water and plenty of parsley at the end of cooking, it is a tasty but delicate dish whose marine flavor is enhanced to perfection by the elegance of the bubbles.

– Luciana Squadrilli 15.07.2021

Luciana Squadrilli is a professional journalist specialized in food and wine, she collaborates with Italian and foreign guides and newspapers telling the best side of Italy (and not only). Editor of Food&Wine Italia and food editor of Lonely Planet Magazine Italia, she deals with pizza and oil with particular attention, loves Champagne and is the author of several titles including La Buona Pizza (Giunti) and Pizza and Bolle (Edizioni Estemporanee).

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