The wine maps. Atlas of the world’s vineyards

The history of wine and its geography in 100 maps.

A 2018 publication by Slow Food Editore which is already, in its own way, a classic for fans and professionals.

The wine maps, in fact, is a very accurate historical-geographical atlas that explains the diffusion of the vine and the different grape varieties in the world: from Georgia to Italy, from France to the United States, without forgetting Spain, Uruguay, Japan, South Africa and also places usually overlooked by the maps such as Tahiti or Kazakhstan.

A broad overview through eight thousand years of history and fifty-six countries to retrace, place by place, the history of the vines and their evolution, the denominations and the essential characteristics of their wines, up to the present time, with data on production and tasting ideas. All this in the form of an atlas, through one hundred splendidly illustrated geographical maps.

The book is signed by Adrien Grant Smith Bianchi and Jules Gaubert-Turpin, two researchers passionate about wine and cartography who have chosen to describe the terroir from the perspective of maps and geography. The illustrations are from the first, the texts from the latter.

Adrien Grant Smith Bianchi and Jules Gaubert-Turpin, The wine maps. Atlas of the world’s vineyards, 2018, Slow Food Editore

– The Editorial Board, July 28th 2020

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